BreakfastTacos Team Review

Overall it was a really good season. Made it to top 4 in PST which is about where I’d say we deserved. I don’t regret any picks. There was tension at times but I think it worked out. I’ll go through the players by pick order.

Pos 2: So first was  !Jake^^ . I drafted Jake at divine 3 because I saw he was a mid player who had already gained one medal and played some cheeseish heroes. Overall I think he definitely played up to first pick level. His Arc Warden, Alchemist, and Lone Druid were pretty scary and won us a few games when they weren’t banned. His hero pool is massive, almost too big as he’d suggest shit and I’d have no idea if he could really play it. Generally he could though, and that wide pool makes last pick drafting really strong. Downsides to Jake are he doesn’t always play with the team, he’s inconsistent, his internet is shitty, and he’s generally pretty quiet. Definitely not a shot-caller and could get tilted pretty easily. I think by the end of the season we meshed a lot better and it showed the first few weeks of playoffs.

Overall value 7/10

Pos 3: Next was Muggsy, a divine 2 offlaner I’d played with previously. Muggsy was a great pick as he is a solid player who talks a lot and fills the shot-caller role for the most part. His sand king will almost always be banned first phase, and he usually wins when he gets it. This works out pretty nice when there are only two bans in the first phase. He plays well on other heroes like centaur as well so its not like hes antivalue if they ban sand king either. I wouldn’t necessarily say he dominated most lanes, but he often won and game value was always there. I think he is about value for his mmr playwise, but if you add in the shotcalling aspect I think he’s always gonna be a solid pick.

Overall value 8–9/10

Pos 4: Next we got Ravioli Ravioli who I drafted at Ancient 4 and ended up at Divine 2. I knew he was good before and figured he would be again, and I was right. This pick really solidified the team as Muggsy and him usually won their lane. He never complained about me picking him grimstroke 90% of the time, which allowed us to flex our lanes and gave us a few riki +grim wins. Eventually I figured out I could pick him qop or sniper 4 and he would have highest damage on our team, so those were an easy few weeks before the nerfs. Pretty quiet overall, not a shotcaller but a solid player. Since I got him at ancient 4, highest value pick I think.

Overall value 10/10

Pos 5: My last pick was CommanderSanchez / I speak for the trees at legend 1. Very PMA player. No complaints over hero choice, which was pretty much ogre or jakiro most games. He won some lanes for me 1v2ing the enemies as jakiro, which always feels great as a safelaner. He is a techies player and is definitely good enough to pick it. So we did. I pretty much wanted to pick it every time we could, cause even if we lost they’d ban it game 2. And most series it was banned both games taking 1 of 2 first phase bans out which is amazing. Especially when you have a sand king and sniper/qop that they want gone as well. Worked out great for us and was a pleasure to lane with.

Overall value 8/10

Pos 1: I (stonedspirit) played pos 1. I was fairly inconsistent but I definitely had games where I carried. When I got Lifestealer, Riki, or Void I generally had a good game. Earlier in the season I kept trying to play WK and Ursa to mixed success, so I just stopped doing that and it was better. I think my drafting was fairly on point, though ForTheSwarm team had my number pretty good. Solid season, ty team.